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Subject Verb Agreement Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer for this number is B. This type of sentence can be confusing most of the times but it is important to remember the subject-verb agreement. Since the subject here is the word grain is in singular form, we must follow the rule of adding s to the verb.

So to complete the sentence correctly, it should be added with appears. If the sentence used the word grains for example, then the word appear must be used. The word some is not considered as a collective noun and even it usually connotes more than one, it is still not the subject in the sentence but the singular grain.

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The subject of a sentence is who or what the sentence is about. The verb tells what the subject is doing. For instance, in the sentence “The dog barked at the cat,” the subject is dog because the sentence is about a dog. The verb is barked because that is what the dog did. Subjects are almost always nouns.

The noun could be singular or plural. Therefore, the verb should be singular or plural as well. So, if the subject is singular, then the verb should be singular as well. That is subject/verb agreement. The subject and verb must agree in number. This only pertains to the verbs that are stated in the present tense. If the verb is in the past tense, then it doesn’t matter.

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Here in " one of the most intelligent students" one is subject which is singular so verb needs to be singular so , I choose scores as the answer but it is showing it is wrong .what is the problem here?

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Being a singular word, everyone should use needs

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Every sentence needs a verb in order for it to be considered a sentence. There are other phrases that also need a verb to be considered that type of phrase. It is important for the verb to match in number to the subject.

Therefore, the first thing you must do is determine what the subject is. Once you recognize the subject, you should figure out if the subject is plural or singular. For example, if the subject is plural, then the verb needs to be plural. In this sentence, the subject is “one.”

It is not dogs because the subject can’t be in a prepositional phrase in almost all cases. There is one instance where you look at the prepositional phrase for the subjects. However, this is not the case. One is singular, so a singular verb is needed like the word “is.”

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Many a patient has recovered from tuberculosis through strict compliance with medication therapy.

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