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STNA Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Are all Stna'S able to check vital signs in Ohio it world be check vital signs

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Correct answer is option B
Male perianal care involves washing the genital and anal areas. Cleaning the surrounding perianal area before cleaning the genital area is important.

While cleaning, the foreskin of the uncircumcised male is pulled back to expose the glans penis for cleaning and it is returned to the normal position immediately after cleaning and rinsing.

It is the tip of the penis that is cleaned in a circular motion from the meatus forward not the whole penis it. The genital area is always cleaned first before the rectal area. Do not use the same area on the washcloth for each washing and rinsing and rinsing stroke for female residents.

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Urinary catheterization is the process whereby a tube is inserted into the urethra and into the bladder to drain the urine. This is a necessary process in people with trauma, unconscious patient or those who cannot micturate to prevent the bladder from bursting or from automatically draining.

Once inserted, in a sterile manner, the technician needs to check for kinks in the tubing as well as the color and consistency of the urine and the volume. He then needs to keep regular eye on the urine output and plot an input output chart to control the fluid levels of the patient.

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Sometimes depending on the condition of a patient both physically and mentally it is necessary to use restraints. A slipknot is used when securing a restraint so that the restraint can be removed quickly when needed. A slipknot can slide along the rope or other material that it is on so that it can tighten or loosen easily.

It can also be undone easily just by pulling one of the ends. In addition to being used with restraints it is a knot that is commonly used rock climbing, knitting, and securing loads on trailers as well. If you are a nurse or a nursing student this should be a knot that you learn to tie and learn how to properly untie in case you are ever faced with the task of restraining someone or needing to quickly takes the restraints off of someone.

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ROM is the acronym for “range of motion.” Each of our joints has a normal range of motion. As we get older or have suffered damage to a joint, or are recovering from an operation on a joint, we have limited range of motion at first. Through physical therapy and exercise we are able to increase this range of motion. Pain, swelling, and stiffness are the causes of this limited range of motion.

Range of motion activities are often performed during ADL (activities of daily living) such as bathing or dressing. The ROM is measured in degrees. After replacement of a person’s knee joint, the physical therapist is looking for a movement of 120 degrees. A physical therapist uses a device called a goniometer to measure this. There are other things that are considered also important such as the patient’s gait, flexibility, strength, and balance.

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D)often done during bathing or dressing

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Can someone please explain, why is the answer A? (I am not getting this)

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