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Solving Equation Questions and Answers (Q&A)





  • 6=2x

2 Answers

It will be three. plus multiple and then three. finally.

2 Answers

In algebra, there will be times when you need to solve for x or another variable. The letters are called variables. When you do this, you first need to get the variables all on one side of the equal sign. This means that you get like terms together. Therefore, both variables in this equation should be on the left side of the equation.

To do this, subtract 3x from the right side. Three x minus three x equals zero which is what you want. Then you have to do the same to the other side. Subtract 3x from 5x which is 2x. Then subtract seven from both sides. You should have 2x is equal to 6. Divide by two and x is equal to 3.

1 Answer

It is three because have to divide then you multiply

1 Answer

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