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Skeleton Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Answer is 8

1. Skin

2. Superficial fasci

3. Deep fascia

external intercostal

internal intercoastals

innermost intercoastals

parietal pleural

visceral pleural

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What is a foot plate used for in the first place? The most common reason is to make sure that the part of the body that is affected will be able to stabilize itself. In the case of the patient, it is the left leg that has gotten affected. The leader has asked the nurse to place the footplate there in order to prevent foot drop.

This means that B is the answer to this question. There are other things that can be done to prevent the patient from falling off the bed. There are also other things that can be done in order to prevent the pressure from the feet.

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The answer to this question is B. The typical rib consists of the following: head, neck, a tubercle, and a shaft with its costal groove. The seven pairs of ribs are called a costal cartilage and they are attached directly to the sternum. There are three more pairs of ribs that are not attached to the sternum.

There are another two pairs of false ribs that are not attached to the anterior ends. The thorax is in charge of protecting the heart and the lungs. They actually have joints and they will have the ability to move the various organs up and down in a more flexible manner.

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