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Shazam Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The original copyright holder of the name Captain Marvel used to be Fawcett Productions, who came up with a superman type character named Captain Marvel. The character’s real name is Billy Batson, a young boy who was given the power of the Gods by the Wizard Shazam, Marvel Comics had copyrighted the name Captain Marvel so DC could use the character, but they couldn't call the book or the character Captain Marvel.

They decided to go with Shazam. This was Billy Batson's magic word to transform into a hero as well as the name of the wizard. They could still reference the Marvel family in the books, but they couldn't officially use the title anymore.

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Levi put on red tights and a white cape. He wears a shorter cape which sets him apart from other super heroes. A glowing lightning bolt appears across his chest and the in sigma lights up. Levi's athletic look in the film has been the source of contention as far as his appearance as Shazam is concerned.

Many have speculated that Levi is wearing padded biceps. It is quite possibly the most obvious bicep cover-up since the invention of spandex. He looks like a very muscular child inside an adult's body. The costume itself is silly and cartoonish, but it does evoke the hero's original look.

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The villain in the Shazam movie is Doctor Sivana, played by Mark Strong. Sivana has the power of science for his use. He is a super genius who believes that the world doesn't appreciate what he has to offer, and therefore he moves to the planet, Venus. He kept inventing doomsday weapons to hold the world ransom until the day he finally defeats the Captain Marvel family.

He is a skilled strategist and tactician. He has served in multiple incarnations of the secret society of super villains. After being burned and half blinded by a magical lightning bolt, Sivana can see magical energy with the naked eye.

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New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers Pictures will release Shazam in theaters on April 5, 2019, in the US and UK. The film stars Zachary Levi, who plays the superhero. It is a Warner Bros.DC Entertainment Super hero movie. Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke are the scriptwriters. An Australian release has not been announced. The film will also be obtainable in Real D 3D and Imax 3D.

The first full-length official trailer for Shazam hit during San Diego Comic-Con International 2018. The first trailer doesn't showcase any primary action sequences. Instead, it highlights gags about learning to fly, discovering the super strength and the notion of a child being a superhero.

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Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Aqua man will still come out. Wonder Woman 1984 is set to impress moviegoers; however, if Shazam fails at the box office, Black Adam might not happen at all. Shazam is a movie that illustrates the concept of the movie "Big," but with superpowers. It is more of a kid-friendly action comedy.

It will be the first full-length feature film based upon the DC comics character. Dwayne Johnson was going to play Black Adam in the movie, but he left to pursue a Black Adam solo film. Shazam is scheduled to be released in April 2019.

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Next year, two superhero movies will debut a month apart from each other. First, in March 2019, Captain Marvel (starring Brie Larson from Disney) comes out. Captain Marvel will most likely be compared to 2017's Wonder Woman. These films will undoubtedly be compared to each other and due to the history of the name, "Captain Marvel," at both Marvel and DC, Captain Marvel has higher expectations.

Shazam has had some major build up as well. It has been said that Shazam, because of its relatability of the storyline and the characters, is set up to do slightly better domestically. However, Captain Marvel is set to do better globally. Historically, Marvel has done better.

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Yes and no. The humor in Shazam is situational, rather than it being reliant upon one-liners or snappy dialogue. Shazam’s big appearance and bulk in a padded suit come across as intentional in terms of capitalizing on the humorous aspect of the Marvel movies. The humor sets the tone for the movie.

The response of the characters in the movie demonstrates the over the top humor aspect of these films. Much of the humor is purposeful. However, the humor in the Marvel movies can be very "inside," and only true Marvel movie fans would appreciate it.

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Shazam director David F. Sandberg has promised fans that while the film will be funny, it won't have too many quips or one-liners. Shazam is the perfect film to take a lighter approach than its predecessors. It will be the extended universe's first comic movie. Sandberg confirms that the film is "very funny."; however, he insists that the humor won't come from one-liners. He has instead decided to go for situational humor.

Placing a teenager's mind in the body of an adult male superhero seems like a phenomenal idea for a comedy. The movie will be a mix of funny with the dramatic.

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