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PUA Questions and Answers (Q&A)

My go to pick up line is, “is your father a terrorist? Because you seem to be a bomb!” While this pick up line is too overused, it still sounds funny and hence many women take me as a funny guy. Said he right way, the girl would definitely laugh and this would help you in building your impression as a funny guy.

Most women do love funny guys so that is definitely a plus point. However, try not to make your pick up line way too cheesy. Give it a tinge of humor and use it as a joke, because gone are the days when pick-up lines were used for romantic purposes.

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No! Approaching a girl while she is talking on the phone could be the worst idea ever. She might consider you to be an outsider or as a threat to her. Well, approaching anyone while he/she is on the phone does not sound very civilized anyway.

Hence, instead of ruining your first impression this way, stay patient and wait for her to end the call. If she does not end the call and if you are running out of time, consider it to be your unlucky day and delay your plan of approaching her. Better wait, than to ruin the first impression.

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Well, this would depend on the girl that you have met. Every woman is different and just like everyone else, every woman seems to have different interests. In order to find some good topics to talk with her about, you must know what she is interested in.

For instance, if she is a reader, you can talk about books, stories, and movies. If she loves music, then perhaps you can talk about music and introduce her to new bands or take a go at the bands she likes. Hence, this would totally depend on the woman and her unique interests.

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There are many different pros and cons of hiring a pick-up coach. The major benefit of hiring one is that it has quite a lot of space and so in case you are travelling, you could have ample space for all your luggage.

Moreover, pic-up coaches are the prime option in case there are a lot of people travelling. So instead of hiring multiple cars, hiring a single pick-up coach for a day might be less expensive. The only downside is that the fuel costs can be quite high especially if longer distances have to be covered by the road.

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When a girl is with her friends the best way to talk to her is to send her a text message on her phone, and to ask her if she could take some time out. It would be quite creepy to go up to her and to ask her to leave her friends with you.

If she ignores for the time being, just assume that she is extremely busy and is considering your option for a later time. It would however be better to avoid her when she’s out with her friends and consider a better time instead.

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Well, there was a time when pick-up lines surely used to work. They used to sound extremely romantic and were the perfect start to a conversation in the bar. However, now they used just way too cheesy and could definitely ruin the entire mood. But you can always use it as a joke and start the conversation.

Instead of sounding cheesy, make it sound funny. This would definitely work in your favor and help you in standing out from the rest of the over-cheesy crowd. Women do like funny men but not the overly romantic ones, so yes. This is how pick-up lines work today.

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The fear of rejection is perhaps the most common fear among people nowadays. Among this generalized category, the fear of social rejection is the strongest one. Nowadays, people tend to go to impressive extents only to avoid the fear of rejection from the society or from the peers.

This is because we all want to survive within our social circles and want to feel very important among our peers. To get over your fear of rejection, simply expose yourself to rejection and tell yourself that you are strong enough to survive through it. Exposing yourself to a fear is the only way to overcome it.

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Well people will certainly not find it weird if you happen to go to bars alone. A lot of people go to bars alone with the intention of meeting new people. And honestly, you can meet new people easily when you are out all alone.

Moreover, other people in the bar are probably too busy with themselves to care about the fact whether you are alone or with someone. Go alone, enjoy yourself, or get acquainted with someone at the bar. Do whatever it takes for you to feel good without caring about what the people will think about it.

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While PUA methods, also known as Pick-up artist methods can certainly be considered as misogynistic depending on the cases. If you are looking to exploit a woman by using PUA methods in any manner whether emotional or sexual, then it can be considered misogynistic.

This is because PUA methods usually start with objectification where a person totally objectifies a woman based on her body and then decides whether he wants to apply his PUA skills on her. This is the mindset that encourages misogyny which is wrong according to most people. Everyone has his/her own set of moral standards, however.

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Approach anxiety is a real issue among many people in the world. This kind of anxiety is triggered whenever someone approaches you for whatever reason. Whether it is a person walking towards you, or your colleague/boss giving you a call on the phone. Approach anxiety is more or less, a manifestation of the social fears that we have.

If for instance, I fear that I’m about to lose my job, then receiving a missed call from my boss would put me in a state of restlessness. To overcome approach fear, one needs to get some psychological counseling as that helps a lot!

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