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Perineum Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer here would be answer E, the ischial spine. This can be felt when someone has a single finger in the vagina and presses a finger length in at four or eight o’clock. Considering where they are in the vagina, it makes sense to make sure they are numb before childbirth.

It is said that pressing here can be very painful fo the woman involved, so numbing this area before childbirth would help relieve some of the pain. She’ll probably feel sore there, but that’d be it after the baby is born.

The ischial spines are long, pointed, and rather narrow bony prominences in the vagina. That’s the gist of the answer as to what would be felt when trying to numb it for childbirth.

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Since this is a female patient, I will not focus on the male anatomy here. The labia majora is the entire female genitalia package on the bottom. Therefore, the correct answer here would be answer C, the superficial inguinal nodes.

Inguinal nodes in general are found in all genitalia, and therefore are the nodes that could become enlarged if the infection spread to the lymph nodes in this patient. She would want to keep an eye out on that boil and make sure she’s doing what she can to keep it from spreading.

With all of that mind, do keep in mind that nothing here is medical advice. I am simply offering my best answer based on research done on this topic and am not a medical expert.

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The answer to this is E. It should be remembered that the pelvic diaphragm is a type of muscle that separates the pelvic cavity on top from the perineal region that is located at the bottom. This is considered to be the muscle of a pelvis. When the lower organs of the body are in use, the other organs will be lifted up in order to make sure that the processes will go on smoothly.

At the same time, this type of muscle is known to provide support to the spine. The spine is very important to ensure that the whole body will function. The fact that this provides ample support means that this is very important.

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In the scenario in which a 59 year old woman comes to her local hospital for uterine cancer surgery there is the chance that the Ureter could be potentially ligated. The uterine artery passes from the internal iliac artery to the uterus. This also means that it happens to cross superior to the ureter.

Some structures that do not have a chance of being mistakenly ligated are the ovarian artery, ovarian ligament, uterine tube and the round ligament of the uterus. None of these are close enough to have any fear of being mistakenly ligated.

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