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Paranormal Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are several places around the world that are historical and were built hundreds of years ago. Many houses in these historical cities have houses where people died in them. Due to stories being told about the house, many people are already scared to go into them. However, any noise that would be heard would be attributed to a ghost.

One house that is in my city is one of those houses that had stories told about it because it is quite old. This house was built in the early 1900s. A person died in the house and it is believed that there is a ghost of the person who died. This ghost comes out at night at certain times and several people claim they have seen the ghost.

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Houses can be haunted because there have been events that have taken place in these houses that cannot be explained. Usually events or actions that occur should be able to be explained using scientific explanation and theories. However, some people are skeptical. In order prove that these houses are haunted is through actually being an eye witness to the ghost or unexplained event.

Therefore, haunted houses do exist to an extent. It may not occur every time a person thinks a house is haunted, but they do exist. When a house has unusual things happen like lights coming on or going off, pictures being flung across the room and noises coming from nothing, the house may be haunted. I have never been to a haunted house that I know of.

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If I was a mean ghost, I would haunt my enemies. I would pick my enemy’s house and live there. I would rattle some chains or make creepy noises in their house. Then I would watch my enemy get scared and cry. If I was a nice ghost like Casper the Friendly Ghost, I would try to use my supernatural power to help people. Since I would be invisible, I would help my friends with putting things in the right place so they wouldn’t forget them.

For instance, I would place car keys so he or she could find them. Also, I would be mean to the enemies of my friends. I would change the scores on my friend’s soccer team if I had supernatural powers to do that.

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There are a few ways to tell if a ghost is near you. First, many people who have experienced seeing ghosts have said that they saw a ghost. The ghost according to them looked like a real person, but you could see straight through them. Also, if you were close enough to them, then your hand would go right through them. Another way people feel that a ghost is near them is by a cold feeling.

Sometimes, a person won’t see a ghost, but they know one is present because of a cold feeling in the room. Occasionally, an apparition will appear but it will not be in the form a human being, but a white shape will suddenly appear in the corner of the room.

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People have been studying ghosts and the paranormal for many years. Television shows have even been created showing the scientific instruments that have been used to prove that ghosts do exist in certain areas of the world and in certain buildings. Early on, ghost hunters would use tape recorders and clear the haunted house or building of all things that could make noise. Then they would set up the tape recorder to record any sounds when nobody was there. They would listen to the recording the next day.

Scientifically, ghost hunters would use electromagnetic fields and infrasound and the tools used to detect them in a haunted area. Using these devices, the ghost hunters could determine if something was in this area that was not human.

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If a place existed that was known to have haunted ghosts in them, then I might spend the night there if I wasn’t by myself. I would need someone else there. Also, the more people who are there that night would be better. If I had to spend the night in a place where people say that there are ghosts and I had to spend the night by myself, I would most likely not do that. Also, it would depend on the type of house or building that it is.

If the haunted place is a bed and breakfast or a house that is currently in use, I would more likely stay there. However, if it is an abandoned house or insane asylum that has not been in use, I probably would never spend the night there.

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It does seem that many people believe that the way people become ghosts is by having a violent death. It seems that this conclusion was drawn based on television shows, stories and movies that people created. So, these were the writers’ thoughts. Also, when people go to haunted houses, they hear stories about a ghost that haunts the house.

Usually, the stories includes the death of the person who became the ghosts. Also, the person had a horrible death. Many times, you hear that many of these haunted houses include stories about children who haunt the place because they were killed in such an inhumane way. Although, this seems to be the norm, there are cases where ghosts haunt a place and the story about the person’s death is unknown.

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Obviously, when someone dies, they will automatically know whether they are a ghost or an angel. However, while still living on this Earth, people may not know exactly what will happen to them in the afterlife or after they die. If it is true or believed that people become ghosts if they die a horrible violent death, then a person’s lifestyle could be analyzed.

For instance, someone who participates in violent crimes or is subjected to living in an area of violent crime may be more susceptible to a violence death. To be an angel, many people believe that they had to do good deeds on Earth. So, a person who does good deeds may be more likely to become an angel after death.

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There are many people who claim to be psychic mediums. However, it seems that only a few of them are who have predicted or explained specific things about people. Whenever a psychic explains something that has happened in a person’s life but it is in very general terms, this seems to be a tactic they use to make people believe them. This is made believable since anything that is said in such general terms is true for most people. There are some psychic mediums who can communicate with the spirits.

This has been proven sometimes with murders. A psychic will come to the police station and speak to a detective about how he or she communicated with the deceased person and explains where the body can be found.

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There have been many things that have happened to me that I cannot explain. It seems that there is no scientific basis for certain things taking place. When a light flickered, I first thought it was a short circuit in the wire. Then I had the light checked out by a lighting expert and electrician. The wires were changed. That should have fixed the light. Then another time, the light flickered again. There was no scientific explanation for why this light was taking place.

Also, this house was very old. Since I didn’t know the whole history of this house, it may have been a ghost that was causing the light flickering due to the event that was going on and age of the house.

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