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It would depend on the things that you like. If you are someone who is very particular about money, you may use the money to invest in different things that may provide even more money in the future. If you love fashion, you would probably spend your money on fashionable things that you have always wanted.

If you love food, the money that you have won will give you the chance to try out certain food products. It is best if you would enjoy food with your loved ones because eating can be more fun when you are with someone. You can spend the money on the things that you like, or you can choose to save it or even give it away to people whom you think may need it more than you do.

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S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

Your courage or your bravery may start from within or from other people. Your dream plan is something that you have created based on the things that you want. If you are determined to reach your goal, you need to know that things will not always go your way. This is why you need courage and resilience to continue.

Sometimes, motivation is enough to make you more courageous. Even if you know that reaching your dream plan is not going to be easy, you will still pursue it. Sometimes, all you need are the words of the people who believe in you. When someone believes in you, it will be enough to make you feel good about yourself.

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Everyone wants to earn a huge amount of money from the stock market, whether he has less or more experience. It is easy to keep such a wish, but to make good money with the safety of your money, a good strategy is necessary.

Investing is easy, but it should be unconsidered a fun game. The key to well earning is hidden in the things mentioned below. It is more important to understand what should not do than what should do.

If you want to know how to make money in the stock market fast then follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Never enter the share market without sufficient homework.

  • Don't see the fake dream of becoming rich overnight. It can lead to suffering losses. Have patients.

  • Investing is easy, but it should be unconsidered a fun game. Believe in buying shares and keep away from the term short selling.

  • Never trade every day. You should enter the market only when the market or the trend of that particular share is clear.

  • Never be the last which enters the market in the bull race.

  • Never chase only one share.

  • Always go out of the market at the beginning of the bull run in the greediness for a little profit.

  • Never emotionally attached to the stock and either hold the loss-making stock or sell it in light profit only.

  • Never invest in stocks that are doing better than the index.

  • Never influenced by rumors going on in the market and invest in wrong shares/stocks.

  • Never combine the words "trader" and "investor" since they are two different words. Investors deliberately invest in a particular stock for the long term and do not get bothered by the ups and downs in the market, whereas a trader buys the stock for a very short time and expects to achieve profits shortly.

  • If the stock does not trade as expected then you should follow stop loss.

If you follow these tips, you will never earn a lot of money in the share market investment.

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Actually it is Orange not Red, here John's answer is wrong.

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While both Gross Pay and Net Pay are referring to the salary an employee or a worker is going to receive by accomplishing a task, there are some differences between the two. Salary is paid to most workers on monthly basis, while some receive theirs hourly. Gross pay means the amount of money a worker will be paid before deductions will be made from the money. This includes bonuses, reimbursement, and other additional benefits.

For example, if an employee is getting $10 by working for a period of an hour, if he works for 20hrs, he's going to get $200. From this example $200 is the gross pay, and it might also include some bonuses. Net pay, on the other hand, is the amount an employee or a worker is going to get after all necessary deductions have been made. Some of these deductions are taxes, social security fee. Net pay also means the amount left after all deductions have been made on your gross pay.

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RRSP is a registered retirement savings plan, and RSP is a retirement savings plan, and it may or may not be registered, but RRSP is registered. While RRSP accounts are subject to tax exemptions, following the specifications of the Income Tax Act; RRSP accounts are more sound and reliable than RSP accounts.

RRSP included the coverage for life insurance, retirement and pension plans. RSP covers only retirement plans and the legal trusts establish RRSP accounts as they are registered. The credibility and security of investing in RRSP's are higher than investing in RSP's. RRSP is a type of Canadian account for holding savings and investment assets.

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Approx $75 Trillion money is available in the work but I do not have any factual data.

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