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There are many factors that can affect gram staining procedures, some of them are:
1. The age of bacterial culture: bacterial culture with older cells (more than 24 hours) lose Gram positivity and will appear as Gram-negative.
2. Heat: the application of too much heat during...
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It should be what not to do. I wouldnt light a bunsen burner with my hair down

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For cameras, an iris diaphragm or optics diaphragm may be used. This allows light to stop before coming in. This function may be necessary if you are taking pictures on a bright and sunny day and you don’t want a glare with your picture. You may turn off the flash, but that may not be...Read More

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The responses of having your hair down and light match before turning gas on does not tie in to the question asked. It is assumed that that the Bunsen burner is already lit so there is only one correct answer which is
"never learn over burner with flame on"

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