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Mental Illness Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Travis Martin

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Everyone experiences feelings of sadness, or low mood, at times in their lives but when symptoms are present continuously for two weeks or more, a diagnosis of clinical depression may be made. This serious mood disorder affects how an individual sleeps, as well as his ability to eat and work. Which symptom is 'worst' depends on whether you are viewing this from the point of view of the sufferer or from that of the doctor.

Not all sufferers of clinical depression will experience all of the following symptoms but the feeling of utter hopelessness, that no event or effort on anyone's part will every change their peson's situation may well be the worst symptom in their eyes. The doctor is most likely to be worried by any suicidal thoughts.

Other symptoms may be irritability, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, low energy, fatigue, slowness of speech and movement, difficulty concentrating, sleeping (or over-sleeping), aches and pains without physical cause and loss of appetite. Family members may find their ability and lack of action the hardest aspects to bear as well as seeing their loved one constantly in a state of desperate sadness.

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False: people with mental illness are more likely to be the victims, rather than the perpetrators of violence

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