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Mass is the amount of matter in an object and weight is the amount of gravity pulling on the object.

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Matter is the correct answer. Please correct this error in the quiz.

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The alchol is more denser then the water so the first one out, it does not have mass, that one out so it has the same volume 40mL

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A mass is also known as a large body of matter that does not have its own shape. There are actually a lot of things that the mass stands for.

For example, in the Catholic religion, mass stands for the 1-hour time with God as the priest provides teachings to people that they will...

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Mass is the name given to church services in the Catholic religion. The first part of a Mass consists of the liturgy of the word. This part of Mass includes reading from the scripture and delivering the sermon which is also called the homily.. The other part of Mass that comes second consists...

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Ruled by two related emotions: love and pity.

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213.01 g/mol-(s) means solid and (aq) means aqueous. molar mass is the mass of one mole of a substance regardless of how many moles there are in the equation. so, ignore the 2 in front of al(no3)3 caution: the parentheses indicates that everything within the parentheses is multiplied by the...

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