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Mars Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Olympus Mons is known to be the tallest planetary mountain that can be found on Mars. There are a lot of people who are curious about it. They have also compared it with the other mountains that can be found here on earth. There are some surfaces on Mars that come with ice so it will not be a surprise that this mountain is ice-capped.

Take note that this is a young mountain especially when compared to the others but it is very active. Experts say that this is more of a volcano which means that there is a chance that it will erupt in the near future.

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Mars is called the red planet simply because of how the surface of Mars looks like. Mars is known to have a lot of slope streaks. It also has a lot of sand dunes that are scattered all over the surface of the planet. There are some areas that may use to be great for planting but because of the changes that have happened to Mars, it became a planet that will be hard to live in.

According to some reports, Mars was probably hit before by something large from the galaxy. When it was hit, its atmosphere became much thinner. This makes it impossible for people to thrive on this planet.

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The main component of the atmosphere in Mars is carbon dioxide. More than 95% of its atmosphere is composed of this while the rest is composed of nitrogen and all the other gases in minimal amounts. There is a lot of iron that can be found on Mars. Aside from that, there are also minerals that form the surface of Mars such as calcium, aluminum, and magnesium.

Based on the details regarding its surface and its atmosphere, it is evident that it can be quite impossible for people to try living on this planet. It will take a lot of effort before it can be considered livable. The options that are being thought of may not even be possible.

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If you are not too familiar with curiosity, this is a type of rover that was designed to explore Mars. This is actually a car-sized rover which makes it easy for this machine to travel to various places. This first landed on Mars in the year 2012. This was only supposed to last for two years but curiosity is still exploring the different areas of Mars.

This has already explored Gale Crater. It is possible that this will show the other areas of Mars in the future. There may still be other rovers that will be placed on Mars that will provide further information about this planet in the years to come.

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There are still some people who feel that mars can be habitable simply because it has some features that are similar to earth. Take note that it can only be habitable if there would be some mechanisms and technologies that will be installed. The surface and the atmosphere of Mars is very much different from that of the earth.

One of the greatest challenges about living on Mars is the low gravitational pull. There is a chance that the items may not completely stay in place even when they are placed there. Some say that it may have been more habitable in the past but it has lost its atmosphere and changed the condition of the whole planet.

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Take note that a lot of water that can be seen on Mars are in forms of ice. There are still some experts who are positive about it. They feel that this is the sign that they are looking for that it is possible to live in Mars. Just last July, there are some reports that there may be a liquid lake somewhere in Mars.

A lot of people are getting interested in it. Out of all the planets in the solar system, Mars is known to be the most possible to live in. Take note that its atmosphere is still very much different as compared to what can be seen on earth but it may have some future in the long run.

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It seems that even though this is possible, he also knows that it will take a lot of money and effort in order to make this happen. It is okay if only one person will be sent but in order to send a whole colony of people would require a lot of money. This is something that Elon Musk thinks is not practical to do especially at this point.

It is likely that this will still improve in the long run. There are still some complications that need to be sorted out. There is always a big chance that this is not yet possible at present time. Who knows what may happen in the future?

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There are a lot of people who are excited about the prospect of sending people to Mars. This is a possibility that was thought about for quite a long time. In the 70s, people thought that it would be possible and now, decades later, this expedition has not happened yet. The answer to this is simple. There are just too many things that are happening in this world right now.

NASA does not have enough funds anymore in order to sustain the type of explorations that they want which includes a manned expedition going to Mars. Only time will tell if this project will actually take place in the future.

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Curiosity currently has an antenna that will allow it to communicate with the scientists on earth that are all waiting for this rover’s updates. There are different details that the rover may send from pictures to other things that people never thought would exist on Mars. The communication from mars to earth and vice versa would require the use of satellites.

It would depend on the speed of the data that is being sent but it usually takes about 3 minutes to about 20 minutes before data can be received. Once information has been received, it will be sent back again. Take note that without the Ultra High-Frequency Antenna, it will be harder for the rover to send information. If this gets broken, it may not be able to send any information at all.

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Mars is actually half the size of earth. There are still some speculations about the planet. Some are saying that this might be an actual planet wherein people can transfer and live. This is not possible yet at present time. Mars has a weird atmosphere that does not contain oxygen. If those who are in charge of checking out the planet can make use of technologies, the place can be livable.

Just remember that this is not something that will occur anytime soon. There are still a lot of differences that should be noted about Mars such as its gravitational pull. Weight will be different for people who are here on earth with the people who are in Mars.

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