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The answer to this is A. Diamonds are known to be very rare gems. There are people who would love to stock up on their jewelry that comes with diamonds because they know that these will sell well in the long run. There are some diamonds that do get submerged in water. There are still some...

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Neither. I am 600 over 20.

While true a six inch digital clock

I cannot clearly read at ten foot .

Still, I am most capable of completing

the day without any corrective lenses.

Thus , a ton of near sighted persons

can see both near and far just...

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The answer to this question is D which is all of A, B, and C. Take note that there are always differences depending on the surface wherein the light would hit. If it would hit a translucent object, only some of the light may be reflected as translucent objects allow some light to pass through....

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The reflected ray will have an angle of 56 degrees, or answer C. This is because the angle of incident and the reflected ray’s angles will add to 90 degrees. The easiest way to find the angle of the reflected ray, it follows, is to subtract the angle of incidence from 90. Likewise, if...

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Please explain the answer of above question.

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I beleive that that is as wrong as my spelling

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