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The word their is incorret for this..it should be there.

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My first thought was all of the above, but then I considered that the teacher may not be able to speak the language of the parent. However, it does make sense that D is the correct answer because a translator could be used.

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Correct answer is option C
Variable interval and variable ratio are the two schedules of reinforcement that produce the highest rates of response.

Variable interval is strong because you are dealing with time and it is variable, the subject doesn’t know when they...

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The file extension shows in what form a file has been saved. Word used the extension .doc for files until 2003 and then changed to docx. The reason for this was that the programming languages altered in the Word offices. The X stands for the new programming language used and is short for XML -...

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It would depend upon the Company how they decide to reward volunteers, and the question does not give the name of the Company, and so I cannot research the correct answer, of course. However, the nature of volunteering is that you offer your service or labor for free as a way of supporting a...

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Why is there so many questions about Santa Fe? These type of questions will not be on the real state exam and they have nothing to do with the exam. Someone who is from Santa Fe must've made this.

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