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7:00 so the child could be early and be active in the morning

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I really think it was George just because I like his name it's nerdy

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S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

Some kids are just talkative or would love playing all day long, but some can be mischievous. What are the things that you can do to deal with hyperactive children? You can come up with an activity wherein the child’s energy will be placed on whatever he/she is doing.

The more that he/she would pour out his/her energy in the activity, the better that it would be. You should also make an effort to speak with the children more. There are times when they need someone to talk to. They would need people who will tell them more about their feelings and what they should do.

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Grow up at night stay the same age I’m not sure

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Im not sure about that, maybe grow overnight for fun

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