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Hunter Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The differences between hunter and jumper horse are not that easy to identify or else you are familiar with the phase of the game and the anatomy of the horse. A major difference between the hunter horse and jumper horse is in the rule of the game. The hunter horses are subjectively judged, while the jumper horses are objectively judged. In hunter horse’s competitions, a bit of decency needs to be maintained. Points are given by the judges according to movement, style, temperament, confrontation, suitability, and quality.

In this competition, the judgment is subjective because the judges give scores base on their opinions. In jumper horse competition, judgments are not based on temperament, movements, or styles, but based on rails down, falls, run-outs, and faults. As much as gaits or styles are not that important in completions involving jumper horse, the hunter horse game demands that the horse and the rider accomplish perfect movements, gait, and styles.

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If you would like to load and unload the fire safety, you should put the safety on first. Just to be sure, place the nuzzle towards a safe direction which means that there is no one there that will get hurt if in case an accident occurs while you are loading and unloading the fire safety. It is best that this process is done when doing this as some people usually encounter some issues because of this.

You do not want to end up unintentionally hurting someone just because you did not follow the proper precautions, right? There are times when this procedure is more complicated because of the weight of items that need to be unloaded. Things should be done slowly and steadily to be sure.

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