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While alcohol is often seen as a harmless substance that is great for social events, in young students, it can be extremely damaging. Here are just a few of the possible consequences that a student can experience by using alcohol:

• Inability to obtain driver’s...

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46.88 is the correct solution. The formula for drops per minute is

Volume/ tme (in minutes) drop factor

1500 ml /8 hrs (860min) = 3.125 15 gtt/mL = 46.88 gtt/min

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Multiple answers are correct. You can have shingles recur as well.

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The answer to this is letter A. Tobacco is known to cause 25 types of diseases. Some of these diseases are known to be deadly. This explains why people are trying to stop smoking. There are even some advertisements wherein the possible effects of smoking are shown but this is still not enough...

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(B) Chronic

A disease that affects a person for an extended period of time (usually for their entire life) is called a chronic disease. There are many chronic diseases that affect people all over the world, including the following:

• Asthma


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(C) Noncommunicable Diseases

If a disease does not spread from person to person, it is called a non-communicable disease. These diseases are often related to genetic factors within the person, and so they are not contagious. A few examples of non-communicable diseases...

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A is the answer to this. Passive immunity is the process by which the antibodies are usually transferred from an immunized person to someone who is not immune. This will provide the unimmunized person protection against a toxin or an agent that may cause several issues. There is a difference...

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Glucagon is a hormone produced by the pancreas. The main purpose of the glucagon is to increase the concentration of glucose and fatty acids. These are in the bloodstream. Insulin is also produced by the pancreas. Insulin decreases glucose.

Therefore, glucagon does the exact opposite as...

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A middle-aged African-American man with diabetes mellitus is at high risk for cardiovascular disease. It is believed that diabetes is highly prevalent to African American community because of their genetic traits and the dominance of people who are obese. There is evidence showing that a...

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