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Grammar Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Our town has four restaurants; only one is open at 7:00am.

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S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

The words “exhibit” and “exhibition” are oftentimes used interchangeably, but these words are not the same. The two words do not mean the same thing. An exhibit refers to the display or show of something for others to see. A common example of an exhibit is a group of...Read More

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The word naïve refers to lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. Naïve also relates to the immaturity of a person. A naïve person can be easily misled or cheated. Both of these words infer a particular inclination to believe anything without considerable proof, no matter how...Read More

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The noun is the basic building block of a sentence, and it is a word that names people, animals, places, things, a quality, or ideas. Nouns are the principal class of words in most languages, and there are common nouns and proper nouns. The common noun denotes a person, place, or thing while...Read More

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Context would have been helpful here. There are two articles that could be used here, depending on what comes before and after the sentence: “an” and “the”. If you’re just talking about a random unicorn, the word “an” is the right choice. This is...Read More

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R. Jones

Curious about the World

To assume means that you are assuming that something is going to happen. You feel that you are going to assume the role of a president. This means that you are going to serve as the president of your class, for example. When you presume, this means that there is a big possibility that you will...Read More

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B. Wright

Always excited to learn and talk about new topics

The term “would of” is an incorrect grammatical combination. It results as a result as the incorrect pronunciation of “would have.” Many describe “would of” and “would have” to sound similar. The word “would” is a modal auxiliary verb...Read More

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Interjections are words are generally used at the beginning of a sentence. Sometimes, it is used as a single word or non-sentence phrase and followed by the punctuation mark. Some other interjection words used as introductory expressions such as yes, no, well, indeed, etc. A comma (for a mild...Read More

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The British call their subway system by several names, including metro and underground, but the most common name used is “The Tube”. This is apparently because the British already used the name “subway” for an underground passage that could be used by pedestrians to...Read More

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