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Google Fuchsia Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Yes. Android is by far one of the most recognizable and used software of the world. It is to mobiles what Windows is to computers. Android is one of the most critically successful pieces of software ever coded. The problem is that Android is a robust and programmable OS. Yes, they are positive traits but they prevent the company owning it from having much control over what it's buyers do. The reason Android looks different in every other phone is that the companies buying them bend it to their will. This has led to fragmentation of the software into various mutations of its own self. Google is not having any of that anymore.

They want to unite their software in a way like Apple’s IOS. Apple is Google’s biggest competition in the phone OS market and app developers prefer IOS for designing due to its simplicity. There’s a reason why apps hit the iStore before coming on to Android. Other than Google wants Fuchsia to have its own unique coding engine to decrease development time and promote app development on its platform. There are other ‘drawbacks’ to Android but the main reason why Google is creating Fuchsia is to make a profit and also give a competition to the IOS.

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It was in the year 2016 when there are some reports that Google is working on something that will eventually replace Android. Fuchsia is known to be a mystery to different developers. The thing about Fuchsia is it is known to be developed solely by Google, whereas Android requires a lot of other independent users to make it function the way that it does.

This is known to be a type of OS that is different from all the others that you have tried before. It may offer things that are different that can eventually be useful in handling and working on other products in the future. Fuchsia does not only work on phones but also on laptops.

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It's all to do with adaptability. Remember, adaptability is the accepted definition of intelligence (in Man) and therefore it should surely be the definition in Artificial Intelligence? A system's ability to adapt to different hardware, software, usage etc will surely define its value to the world?

Google's vision of connecting Android devices to a cloud where movies, music, books could be shared via a single-user account has been significant. Unfortunately, it has been found that Android phones are highly susceptible to hacking. That's something that anyone would want to deal with rapidly and I am sure that is in the minds of the developers of Fuschia.

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I would be a brave person to chance predicting what might be in Fuschia's operating system. All that can be said is that some form of ART runtime that powers Android will be a part of the new system. Google are still saying that Fuschia is an experimental operating system. However, since Microsoft, Apple, and Google all want to create a single operating system that can run the same apps it seems very likely that Google are aiming for Fuschia to be first in the field to do so and across as broad a range of hardware as possible.

The idea would be to get consumers locked into a single software system that is easy for to control but hard to leave. In this way, Google would provide for developers that want to create on all platforms and entice users and near to destroy competitors.

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Google naturally wants to be ahead of the game. You know yourself the problems that arise when you work on one operating system and then want to use your work on a different computer using another operating system. People who use a mac have typically experienced great frustrations when their software fails to work properly in a windows environment, and vice-versa.

So Google wanted to devise a new operating system that would work fluidly on all platforms. Fuschia was the result. It has been trialled, but is not yet commercially available, which means that problems have not yet been ironed out. We wait to see whether it is a Great New Thing.

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It is not a secret that Google is working on an OS that is meant to replace Android. Android was first created in order to make cameras easier to use but because of the many changes in technology, this became one of the OS being used by people for their smartphones. Google started to work on Fuchsia and it was expected to be released by 2017 but there was no announcement made.

This may signify that Google had encountered some issues with the creation of Fuchsia that it cannot be released to the public yet. It has now been years since its expected release and there are still not enough details that will show that it will be released anytime soon.

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Word has it that the kernel the Fuschia development team are using, at least so far, is known as ‘Zircon’ which is designed to be consistently upgradeable. The Windows 10 environment depends on this. However, there is likely to be another kernel that Google Fuchsia uses.

It's operating system has two distinct but connected user interfaces: a phone-centric one codenamed ‘Armadillo’ and a traditional desktop user interface known internally as ‘Capybara’ This name suggests it is awkward and unattractive! Look at the animal and you'll see.

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Android phones have shown themselves to be vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, it is possible that there is this vulnerability in the Android system generally. Such a weakness would make it urgent for the development of a system that is unhackable, but the recent case of a financier dying leaving his file inaccessible without his password suggests that such development is possible.

I am sure that hackability, if we can call it that, will be high on the priorities of Fuschia's development team. Android devices use software that does not transfer to Apple devices and vice-versa. i am sure this is very much in the minds of the fuschia generators also.

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I think it will depend on how functional Fuchsia is going to be once it is released. All of the details that people know about Fuchsia are just speculations. There are some confirmed details but other than a few pieces of information, everything about Fuchsia is being kept a secret.

According to some reports, this is said to replace Android after a few years but no one can tell for now if this is actually going to occur especially since people are not sure anymore when Fuchsia will actually become released to the public. It would need to be introduced to phone manufacturers first so that they can determine if this would allow them to have a better gadget or not.

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Google Fuchsia is a new operating system that is being worked on by the company for the past two years. There are a lot of people who are curious about it, especially since there aren’t a lot of details that are available right now about it. One of the problems that it will encounter is getting to run the different apps that people are used to with their usual Android software with Fuchsia.

There is always a possibility that it will not work according to what you have expected. Another potential issue is that people are already used to their Android operating systems, and not everyone will be excited about the change. In fact, there are some people who may not even embrace the change, so you do not exactly know if it is going to be a success or not.

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