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Globe Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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A globe is a small replica of the earth having an equivalent shape to the earth. On a globe, you can see the continents and oceans. Usually, the globe is colored with the continents or countries colored different colors and outlined in black. The oceans are colored blue. A globe...Read More

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The two farthest north and south points on the globe are the North Pole and the South Pole. Although they both can be found at the ends of the Earth, they differ in so many ways. For example, each of their temperature is different from each other. The North Pole or the Arctic is cold, but not...Read More

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Globes mainly show us continents and oceans. A globe is a spherical tool that people use to find places. Instead of using a map, the globe rotates around on a stand. The globe shows the outline of each continent which are usually different colors and then the oceans are colored in blue. Usually...Read More

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