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Future Questions and Answers (Q&A)

It is bout the two friends who meet because the story revolves around them..

Are u idiots?

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The correct answer to this question is C, Daughter. To answer this question, each part of the question needs to be broken down. Speaking in first person terms, my father's successor's father would be. Then, I am my father's son. So my successor's father is my father's son, which relates back to me.

Being that I don't have a son or a brother, the successor to me would be my daughter. This is a riddle, which would involve advanced thinking. It can also be found on tests to find one's IQ. Some may find it confusing at first, but as it is broken down, the answer is easily found.

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It will depend on the learning that you are willing to undergo. A lot of students in the past may have failed in school but were able to get their life back on track once they are outside school. There are just many people who are not made for the confining walls and rules of schools.

Some are better off being online students because they can learn while controlling the things that they want to do. Gone are the days when the only way that people can learn is by going to an actual school. Schools right now recognize that there are some students who can learn better online, and they offer what people may need for that.

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According to my opinion, your dream is your future.


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Why isn't B the correct answer?

I it rains I won't go out (IF clause + present ; mai clause + WILL)

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