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Fundamentals Of Computer Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer will be Option (B). Yes, Mouse is that device which is used as the standard pointing device in a Graphical User Environment.

A pointing device is basically used to move the mouse cursor and there are various examples of pointing device like Camera Mouse, Computer Mouse, etc. However, here, we are talking about a Standard pointing device in Graphical User Environment, so my answer goes to Mouse. It moves the graphical pointer across a smooth surface.

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The correct answer is option D
Herman Hollerith introduced the punched cards. It was first used for vital statistics tabulation by the New York City Board of Health and several other states. Hollerith invented and used the punched cards to help analyze the 1890 US census data. He used electricity to read, count and sort punched cards whose holes represented data gathered by census takers.

Basically, a punched card is a piece of paper that mainly contains digital information represented by the presence or the absence of holes in predefined positions.
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The answer to this is B. The CPU speed is important because this will help determine how fast various actions can be done with the computer. Can you imagine opening your computer and not being able to do anything because it does not work the way that it should? There are various components that can affect the CPU’s overall speed.

For example, the processor will make sure that all of the actions are processed well. The video card will be able to show the images that are needed so you will know what you are using the CPU for. These different components are all important in determining the overall CPU speed.

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The option should be

: An interpreter does the conversion line by line as the program is run

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The correct answer to this question is A, Floppy Disk. It is also known as a floppy, disk, or diskette. It is thin and flexible, used as a storage medium. The disc is closed in by a rectangular plastic lining, along with fabric that removes any dust particles. To read a floppy disk, a floppy disk drive is needed.

The traditional standard size of a floppy disk is 8 inches, but as years went on the size dropped from 5 1/4 to 3 1/2. Though they were accessible up until the first part of the 21st century, they have been replaced by flash drives and cloud space.

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Erasing and restucturing Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM

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Access time refers to the time required to retrieve data from where it is stored. It is applied to different forms of memory, including the random access memory RAM as well as the hard disk. Even the CD-ROM has a particular access time, which correspond to the time that the computer takes in order to retrieve data from the CD.

As the time went on, the devices were modernized with newer technology with shorter access times. The fastest access time is the property of semiconductor memories. Magnetic tapes, magnetic disks as well as compact disks are older storage devices, which longer access times.

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All of these can be used to backup data. Floppy disks are pretty out of date now; not many computers can read a floppy disk anymore. (For reference as to what a floppy disk looks like, look at the save button on Word.) A tape can be used to backup video or audio data.

This is usually something like a cassette or videotape - though DVDs and CDs are taking this spot now. A network drive is a built-in backup system for computers on a small or large network. This can usually be accessed from at least one computer on the network, but if the network is large enough, any computer accessing that network can access the network drive as well.

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An Interpreter in computing is obviously a translator that converts high level language to machine lanuage line by line so... Option A is correct

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