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Equation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer to the above equation is (+9)

step 1> -5+4+2+8

step 2> -5+14

step3 = solution = +9

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I dont know the answer

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The easiest way to calculate the area of a triangle is by using the very popular formula, 1/2(bh).

Where b stands for the base of the triangle, and h stands for the height of the triangle.

You are usually given the values of h and b, but if you are not given, you can easily measure them out.

To get the value of b, measure the base of the triangle.

To get the value of h, draw and measure a perpendicular line from the triangle base to the opposite peak.

Area of a triangle is measured in meter or centimeter squared.

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Y/-3 + 2 - 2 = -13 - 2

y/-3 = -15

y/-3 x -3 = -15 x -3

y = 45

C. Y = 45

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Y/7-4 is less then -2

times 7 on both sides because multiplication is ffirst

y-4 is less then -14

add 4 on both sides

y is less then -10

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Answer is 45 retards. How the hell do you guys get 33?

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A hydrogen bond will typically form between a hydrogen atom and either a nitrogen, sulfur, or oxygen atom. The correct answer is C. By the way, a fluoride atom could also be used to create a hydrogen bond.

A hydrogen bond is actually really cool. It’s a weak kind of bond, but it gives the bond an electrostatic attraction between the two atoms. For this reason, it can conduct electricity. We find hydrogen bonds in things like water and DNA. Hydrogen bonds keep the base pairs of DNA together in the middle, helping create the natural shape of the DNA.

Isn’t that really cool? The hydrogen bond is incredibly important to life as we know it on earth, since it’s in both water and DNA.

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4x= 252×13+21=0



x= 32974


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A set of numbers with letters indicated with an equl sign

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8 1/4 is the answer I recieved when subtracting 42 2/4 and 34 3/4. I don't see where the 41 6/4 came from.

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