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Emotional Questions and Answers (Q&A)

B. Wright

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The difference between IQ and EQ can be hard to understand in the beginning especially since people may expect that they are the same. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient while EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. IQ means that the intelligence level of a person is being measured. EQ can indicate the ability of a person to understand the emotions of other people.

Some people have a very high IQ but they have forgotten how to understand other people. This has made it hard for them to become team players because they cannot deal with the emotions that people are feeling. According to research, those who have high EQ will advance further in their careers as compared to those with high IQ.

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Ignorance is known to be a term that is used to describe that there is something that cannot be done because people lack the knowledge to do it. Apathy means that a person may know what needs to be done to make a change, but the person has no desire to apply the knowledge that he has because he does not care.

Some say that to become ignorant is blissful, but people cannot help but learn more about the world as they continue to live in it. When a person is “apathetic,” the person does not have any emotion towards something that needs to be done.

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