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EEG Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer to this is C. 5 division of EEG paper is equal to one second in time. In the given, it says that instead of 15mm/second, it will be 30mm/second. In 15mm/second, the 5 division of EEG paper is equal to 200 milliseconds. Since we are doubling the numbers from 15 to 30, we would also double the milliseconds which will amount to 400 milliseconds. The numbers will increase or decrease depending on the numbers that will be used.

For example, it will be higher than the previously mentioned numbers. Hopefully, the explanation of the answer to this question will be clear enough. The numbers may also change if 1/2 second would be measured.

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Why? I thought it would it be alpha? Can you explain

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The last time when I choose the answer Greater than 13 hertz (small h), it marked it wrong. This time when I marked Greater than 13 Hertz (capped H), it marked it wrong. NEED TO FIX THIS.

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The waveform frequency above 13 kHz are called beta waves. These waves are present in all age groups. They have a smaller amplitude but are symmetrical. The waves are influenced by certain drugs which can augment or reduce them. Drugs like barbiturates or benzodiazepine s augment their occurrence. Other waves present on the EEG include the alpha waves, the delta waves, the theta waves and the gamma waves.

Each wave is caused due to a particular function or reason and has its own specificities. This allows neurologists to interpret these waves to diagnose certain diseases. A normal human has characteristic waves and patterns. Comparing the abnormal patterns with the normal ones allows doctors to diagnose diseases.

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Please explain the difference between B and E, as they look identical other than capitalization.

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The three parts of the brain is cerebrum, cerebelum and brain stem . The brain stem include midbrain, pons and medulla

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Topamax is another correct answer for this question according to the epilepsy Foundation website.


Havva Brownstein. E.E.G Technician

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They are both negative

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