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Direct And Indirect Questions and Answers (Q&A)

In the first sentence, 'how' is not in capitals as it should be, hence it is also chosen as an answer.

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Notas in Spanish is female plural. DOP should be LAS

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The correct answer is direct because it makes sense to be direct

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Direct and indirect speech are two forms of expressing oneself. You use direct speech when you are relating an incident first hand. However, if a third person relates the message it is termed as an indirect statement. The sentence, ‘I really enjoyed the concert last night’ is a direct statement from Maria which when put into an indirect statement the words and the phrase will change.

It will be worded as ‘Maria said that she really enjoyed had enjoyed the concert the night before’. This is the correct way of wording a statement in the indirect form and expressing the thoughts of another person yourself.

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Either one.

There is no rule that specifies that only the direct object comes first.

Anna gave me a book.

Anna gave a book to me.
both sentences are equally correct as the indirect object is free to be located after the verb or after the direct object, using a preposition.

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Georges was furious

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