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Critical Thinking Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Correct answer is 5 – You have 5 apples left
Since you own all five apples, taking away 3 from the 5 means you still have 5 apples. If the question said you gave out the 3 or ate the 3 apples then you have only two apples but since this isn’t stated, we assume the 3 apples are just put away in a separate place but you still own the five apples (2 apples left + 3 taken away). I believe this is the best approach to answering this question.
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I'll have 2 apples since I take away 3 .. So, for example, if I'm leaving home and in my bag I have 5 apples and I take away 3, I'll have 2 with me.

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Five. You only have five. You take 3. It doesn't matter you still have 5 as you took 3 from the 5 you already have.

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The correct answer is option B
A man has only one birthday. Every man is only born once and the day he is born is termed his “birthday”. No man can have 10, 2, 34 or 76 birthdays. We only celebrate this birthday once in a year not that we have more than one birthdays. Therefore, option A, C and D are incorrect.

To make this easier for you to understand, a man only has one birthday and every other celebration on this date is a birth anniversary.
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S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

Becoming an intellectual person requires a lot of things. You will need to devote your time to some things and be consistent about it. Intelligence is one of the properties of a functioning brain, and you should always strive to keep it healthy. If you really want to become an intellectual person, then you should be ready to learn always.

People learn new things because they want to add to their knowledge. If this becomes your own thinking and you are working towards it, in no time you will start seeing people coming to you because they want to increase their own knowledge.

While it seems some people are born with this property naturally, the fact is that it can also be improved on. Dedicate yourself to reading, especially about things you love most. Intellectual people are great readers. When you read, you see things in different ways because you are actually interacting with the knowledge of those who have seen things better than you do.

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The correct answer to this question is D, On your report card through grades and comments. Report cards are instrumental to a student's improvement in the school. It shows the student's and parents what they are doing well on and what they can and/or need to improve on.

The grades a report card can show can either be A, B, C, D, E, or F, with A being the highest and best grade. E and F both normally mean failure. Teachers can also leave comments on report cards, either praising the student or letting the parent know any issues they are having with the student. Overall, a report card is one of the means of communication between a parent and a teacher.

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The correct logical answer to this question is that a woman is a little person or dwarf. In some flats, the lower numbers are at the bottom, and the higher numbers are at the top. When leaving for work, she is capable of pressing the ground button because it would be at the ground level for her to reach.

When she returns to work, if someone else is in the elevator, though she can't contact "10" for the tenth floor, she can ask the other person to press it for her. However, if she is by herself, she can only reach "8" and must walk the rest of the weight, due to her height.

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The correct answer is option C
You do not bury the survivors of a plane crash!
The question asked where the survivors would be buried, survivors of a plane crash are not buried as they are still alive, and they are usually rushed to the hospital for immediate medical treatment for possible injuries that may be incurred during the crash.

Only the dead are buried, the dead can be buried in Germany, Poland or Switzerland, I believe this is up to the family of the deceased to determine where they will be buried. This makes options A, B,D, and E wrong.
Hope this helps.

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In a cemetery
Irrespective of where the bus exploded, the dead will be buried in a cemetery. It is also left for the family of the deceased to determine the location (country) and the day when the dead will be buried.

The family can choose to bury the dead in Canada or the US. The dead are not buried anywhere else except in the cemetery.
Hope this answer is of help to you.

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