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Comma Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Adney
Answered: Mar 10, 2017
Streams, rocks, and brush.

3 Answers

Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Sep 17, 2018
It's option C. After the storm ended, we went outside to survey the damage which is written correctly. In this sentence, "After the storm ended" is an introductory phase and a comma is requ...Read More

2 Answers

Answered: Oct 29, 2018

I am typing a letter, and she is talking on the phone.

THIS IS THE RIGHT ANSWER! You need a comma to separate two independent clauses.

2 Answers

M. Parker, Internet Researcher
Answered: Oct 16, 2018
The answer to this is C. After the storm ended is known to be the introductory part of the sentence. After which the description of what happened after was discussed. This is the correct answer...Read More

2 Answers

Answered: Apr 23, 2018
He was a tall, thin man.
Prescriptive English grammar is by all accounts a unique little something that either impassions you or inspires some level of fear. Admirers of English grammar and...Read More

1 Answer

Tayyab hayat
Answered: Jul 28, 2019

Before we go to the beach, I need to get some gas.

1 Answer

Answered: Dec 29, 2019

The correct option is A.

I use comma to separate independent clauses. I have two independent clauses in this sentence.

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Jan 26, 2017
Why is there a comma after the word and?

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Apr 21, 2017
This sentence also needs a comma between the city, state.

1 Answer

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