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Beef Questions and Answers (Q&A)

G. Roland, Professor
Answered: Nov 12, 2018
Pepperoni is easy to identify. Before it is sliced, it comes in a long stick. Then sliced it appears as circles because the pepperoni stick is round. The slices are usually thin and people put...Read More

2 Answers

A. Boaz, Mechanical Engineer
Answered: Oct 08, 2019
The various nutrients you are going to get from the beef of a cow depends on what it eats. Grass-Fed Beef is beef that comes from cows that are fed with grass, while Grain Fed Beef refers to beef...Read More

3 Answers

R. Barnes, Analyst
Answered: Jul 23, 2019
You may be in the supermarket, and you can get confused with the number of products that are available. Ground beef and ground chuck both come from beef, but what makes them different from each...Read More

1 Answer

Daniel Frederic
Answered: Jul 12, 2019
Beef Brisket and Corned Beef Brisket are meat cut from the chest of a cow. The differences between them are not basically on the 'corned' attached to the second word. The notable difference...Read More

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