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It's 2 as first it's hydrogen then helium then no. 3 is lithenium

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On the periodic table, each element is assigned an atomic number. Besides showing its placement on the periodic table, the atomic number shows the number of protons located in the center of the atom. In this case since the element has 5 protons in it, then its atomic number is five. Using this...Read More

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The answer to this is letter A. There is sometimes a need for electrons and protons to be equal when the given atom is neutral in charge. An atom has three atomic particles. The first one is the proton which has a positive charge. The second one is the electron which has a negative charge, and...Read More

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3,4,3. Protons, neutrons, and electrons are the three basic parts of an atom. The electron is a negatively charged molecule that is located at the center of the atom in the nucleus. The neutron does not have any charge. The number of neutrons affects the mass and radioactivity of the atom...Read More

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Atomic number of helium is 2

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The correct answer is option A
If Phosphorous has an atomic mass of 30 and 15 neutrons the proton number is most likely 15. The mass number of of atoms in an element is equal to the sum total of the number of neutrons and protons. Since we have the atomic mass and the number of neut...
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