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Anemia Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Aaemia of chronic disease

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A lot of people may be more familiar with Heinz as ketchup but for this question, we can easily eliminate D. This is not referring to ketchup but rather the denatured hemoglobin that can be found in the red blood cells. The answer to this question is B. There are some living things who start to experience this when they are suffering from chronic liver disease.

Exhibiting Heinz bodies means that there are some red blood cells that have been destroyed because of various reasons. There are also some dogs and cats that may start to show symptoms of having this after eating food products that are not right for them.

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When someone is diagnosed with having anemia, usually they have undergone a blood test. The blood test determines that there are very low levels of iron in their blood or otherwise they are known to have an iron deficiency and they are anemic. To have higher levels, the patient can do one of two things which are to increase their iron intake by eating more spinach, leafy greens and certain proteins or they can take supplements.

If the doctor decides to do an assessment of a client who has characteristics of iron deficiency anemia and is admitted to the medical surgical unit, the doctor will look for dyspnea which is not being able to catch one’s breath, as well as tachycardia and pallor.

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Thallassemia and haemoglobinopathis cause decrease tic with increase serum ferretin

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Before this question will be answered, it is important that microcytic anaemia is understood. This is a condition wherein there is a presence of hypochromic or pale red blood cells. The lack of iron can cause this type of anemia. The answer to this is D. The other conditions can be caused by microcytic anemia but pancytopenia can only be caused by megaloblastic anemia.

This is usually caused by having leukemia. Pancytopenia means that all of the components of the blood are deficient. In order to determine the actual cause of pancytopenia, getting a sample of the bone marrow is going to be required. This is a painful test for a lot of people.

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