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Acid Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Proteins are combinations of amino acids; that is, the chains of amino acids make up protein; while amino acids in the body are the building blocks of protein. Proteins are formed by the bonding together of amino acids, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and some hormones. Twenty-two amino acids are considered proteinogenic or as standard amino acids. Eight of these are essential for the human body as they can be consumed by food, while others cannot be produced by the human body.

Amino acids are also considered important in biochemistry and for nourishment. One or supplementary polypeptides make up proteins, and their appearances are naturally formed to be spherical in shape. A polypeptide is formed by a single bonding of carboxyl and amino acids to form linear polymer chains. The chemists that revealed the first amino acid are Pierre Jean Robique and Louis Nicholas Vauquelin. Gerardus Johannes Mulder, a German chemist, was the man that illustrated the existence of protein, and Jöns Jacob Berzelius gave it its name in the year 1838.

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Letter C is the answer to this or Perchloric Acid. This is a type of mineral acid that is usually found in aqueous solutions. This is colorless so it will be hard to distinguish this acid from other similar looking acids. What makes this different from the others is that it is stronger and more acidic.

If it would be compared to sulfuric acid, it will definitely be stronger. This is actually considered to be the strongest out of all the known acids for this type of element. In order to figure out how strong the acid is, you may want to check how much oxygen the acid contains. The more oxygen, the stronger the acid is going to be.

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Some may think that ammonia and bleach are the same, but these have some differences, although they may be related to each other, especially when in terms of changing the color of the hair. Ammonia is known to be somewhat weak, while the bleach is very strong.

Bleach will have the power to oxidize various things that it touches, which can include hair. When these two are mixed together, they can form chlorine gas, which can be dangerous to living things. When people become exposed to large doses of this mixture, they can die. Ammonia and bleach are also known to be used for doing laundry and may be present in some laundry items.

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When chemicals are added or mixed together, they create new substances sometimes. Each part of this combination can be made into an equation. These scientific equations show on the left the two or more chemicals being added together. They are represented by their chemical name that may be found on the periodic table. Then there is a yield sign showing that this is what the combination mixture will result in.

In chemistry, a neutralization reaction is when an acid and base are mixed together. Both of these chemicals are very strong. They always result in forming water which is H2O and salt which is KCl. A salt is always formed which is defined as having a positive ion and a compound forms from that of the acid.

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Acids are substances which dissolves completely in water to produce H+ ions

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Lewis acid, from its name, is an acidic substance. This can accept electrophiles which means a pair of electrons or just one electron from another element so that it will achieve its most stable form. The Lewis base is different because instead of accepting electrons, they would donate the electrons that are needed by the Lewis acids. Take note that there are some substances that can both be acidic and basic.

There are still a lot of compounds that people are studying because they want to understand more about the topic. This topic may be a bit complicated especially if you do not have any knowledge about it but you can surely learn more about it if you truly want to.

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Alanine and Beta-Alanine are two examples of non-essential amino acids. In terms of solubility, both are soluble in water. Alanine is an amino acid which can be used in the preparation of protein. It can be gotten from various items like eggs, fish, beans, nuts, and meats. Beta-Alanine is also a non-essential amino acid. It is called beta-alanine because the amino group is at the beta position of the carboxyl group.

Beta-Alanine is also a part of carnosine, which is a naturally occurring peptide. This means the carnosine level in the body, particularly in the muscles depends on the amount of available beta alanine. Beta Alanine is also a supplement needed by athletes. In terms of density, Alanine has a lower density of 1.42g/cm3 compared to beta-alanine, which has a density of 1.44g/cm3. However, the melting point of Alanine is higher than that of beta-alanine.

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Isnt the question asking forHClO3? If not, wouldnt it be a weak acid?

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Both folate and folic acids are nutrients and dietary supplements. They are both B vitamins. Folate is a form of vitamin B naturally occurring in food, while folic acid is the synthetic form of this vitamin. In the human body, the metabolism of folic acid requires the action of an extra enzyme in the liver, whereas folate enters the metabolism cycle faster. Higher consumption of folic acid through supplements may lead to cancer, whereas there is no such health concern associated with the use of folate through food. Folate is found in spinach, broccoli, bananas, cereals, asparagus, and mushrooms.

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