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The answer is (In) because it comes with months

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There are a lot of toys in the box .

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This depends on the context of the sentence. “At” is the best answer for this sentence, standing alone. However, if you’re talking about leaving for something and deciding the absolute latest you can leave, “by” would be the best answer.

The other two answers - “in” and “on” - make no sense in either situation. “I will leave in 6:25 tonight” makes it sound like you’re taking a cab numbered 625, or perhaps a train of the same number. “I will leave on 6:25 tonight” has the same feel to it. “I will leave at 6:25 tonight” and “I will leave by 6:25 tonight” both have grammatically correct structures. Again, it all depends on the context of the sentence.

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This sentence is best completed by the word “in”. The complete sentence would look like this: “There are a lot of toys in the toy box”. The other words don’t make much sense. The second most logical choice is “on”. If the box is particularly large, this could be an option.

However, most toy boxes fit more toys inside than on top of the box. “At” simply makes no sense in this sentence; how can there be toys “at” the toy box? Did they walk there? Finally, the word “by” could make sense, but it is most logical that the child has picked up the toys and put them inside the box. Unless this is a particularly messy house, “by” is probably more for the stuffed animals than the toys themselves.

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I will leave at6:25 tonight.

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Option A. Longest is the correct answer.
It completes the sentence "this movie is 4 hours long , this is the LONGEST movie I have ever seen.

Superlatives adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. Just like the sentence above, the adjective "longest" is use to compare all (more than three) movies the speaker has seen.

Comparative adjectives are used to compare a noun to another noun. Example of such adjective is the adjective "longer".

The adjective "long" is used to describe a noun and it is not used to compared a noun with another noun.

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But at your lesson you have say

"Every thing we can walk on .we say on train

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