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Abbreviation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The reason is very simple, OK is a word that can be used as a noun, a verb, an interjection, and an...Read More

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ROFL is the acronym for Rolling On Floor Laughing. It has the same meaning as other acronyms like LOL (laugh out loud) and LMAO ( Laughing My Ass Off). ROFL is used mostly when people are chatting with their friends on messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, telegram, etc. Have you ever...Read More

6 Answers

CAPTCHA is the acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a type of test used to determine whether the user is human or not. The behind this is to prevent machines from performing tasks that should be done by real people, especially during the...Read More

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WiFi is the acronym for Wireless Fidelity. It can also be rewritten as Wi-Fi. This is a form of wireless technology which can be used to provide network in a local area. It is classified as local area wireless technology. Wi-Fi is a technology which can be used to share and accept information...Read More

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P.S is the acronym for Postscript, the acronym is from the Latin word Postscriptum which means afterwritten. The acronym P.S is used to write additional information about things we forgot to write when writing a message or some other things.
We have probably had one of those occasi...
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JCB is the acronym for Joseph Cyril Bamford. This is not just a name but it represents the name of a company which is J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited but generally known as JCB. JCB is an equipment manufacturing company, it manufactures equipments for agriculture, construction, waste handling...Read More

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AM and PM are both Latin words which stand for Anti Meridiem and Post Meridiem respectively. Anti Meridiem 'AM' simply means Before Midday while Post Meridiem means after Midday. It is common knowledge that a day is made up of 24 hours. But the use of AM and PM has led to use of two 12 hours...Read More

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School is a word generally known by literate people and it because a school is where an illiterate person can be made literate. And the truth about the word is that it is not an acronym for anything. A School is a place where you learn new things i.e a place where education of any kind is...Read More

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I always wonder what would be the full form of STUDENT if it were to be an acronym. And since the word does not have any full form, coming up with a full form will be an interesting thing. Student is a word which describes a person undergoing a process of learning.
The word is one...
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BCA is an acronym for Bachelor of Computer Application. It is an undergraduate course in the University. The total period for this course is just three years which translates to six semesters. The program is meant for people who feel the need to breach the gap between the study of computer and...Read More

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