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6 Questions  I  By Alex070897
Read the following then answer the question.

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1.  Elise ate her apples on the corner of the street in her home town. She got mentally ill fast. Everyone wondered why. Was it because of the apple? We don't know. Do you?Who got sick
2.  Jorian, he really did leave. I thought it truly was love, I guess that was wrong. I was so close to my love of happiness. I'll never get it now.Right an essay on what you think would of happened next
3.  Harley       loved the dog 
4.  Erica       saw the drug dealer herself.
5.  How many pages can you read in about thirty minutes. Guess. Complete Sentences.
6.  Try to do this. What sentence has correct spelling
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Quiz Comments (13)
they dont.
i got all the questions right but apparently its a fail. hate this stupid quiz.
Omg It is a online test that your getting mad over people. Seriously. Yes it is stupid I agree but really
this test was stupid
this test is bullshit
This test is a fallacy. "Erica truly saw the drug dealer herself", "Right an essay"..
How do I get the essays right? :/ and the missing word questions were a bad concept. The sentence could be correctly told on many different ways.
How do they grade our essay
Interesting how this reading exam spells the word "write" as "right" when asked to write an essay on the content.
me now just realing that that spelling is horrible

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