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Quiz on subordinate clauses.

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1.  Do you know what the referee says to the opponents at the start of a boxing match?Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
2.  Sometimes I am amused and sometimes I am amazed by what I read in the newspaper's advice column.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
3.  What I like most about Harriet is that she never complains.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
4.  What the dancers Agnes de Millie and Martha Graham created was a new form of American Dance.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
5.  Can you please tell me where the Museum of African Art is located and when it opens?Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
6.  The radio stations will give whoever can answer the next question one hundred dollars.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
7.  I dont know how they decided who would be the leader.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
8.  Dr. Spilhaus found that toys are not meant only for children.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
9.  Some of the toys he collected were simply to be admired; his favorites were those that could be put into action.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
10.  Dr. Spilhaus said that a toy is anything that gives us a chance to stop and refresh ourselves during our hectic life.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
11.  I have read that many mechanical principals were first applied to playthings.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
12.  For example, the toy monkey is activated by squeezing a rubber bulb that uses the same basic principals as the jackhammer that digs up our streets.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
13.  Only those who have lost touch with childhood question what a toy can be worth to a young boy or girl.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
14.  Ask someone who knows toys what their enchantment is worth.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
15.  Dr. Spilhaus, who was an oceanographer, admitted he had sometimes been unable to distinguish between his wok and his play.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
16.  Because it's one of their specialties, Lola and her father prepared a special treat of Cuban-style black beans. Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
17.  After Lola had soaked a pound of black beans overnight, she drained them and covered them with fresh water to make the beans easier to digest.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
18.  Before she lit the stove, she added some chopped onion and green pepper, a bay leaf, cilantro leaves, oregano, and salt pork to the beans.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
19.  Whenever a recipe calls for sofrito, the cook finely chops some onion, green pepper, and garlic.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
20.  Then these vegetables are fried in a little oil until they are tender, and herbs and spices such as basil, cilantro, cumin, and black and white peppers are added. Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
21.  As soon as the sofrito was ready, Mr. Gomez added it to the bean mixture.Identify the subordinate clause/clauses.
22.  We particularly enjoy the exhibition of Turner's paintings that we saw in London.Classify this sentence as either simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
23.  Confucianism, which is known to the Chinese as Ju Chaio, teaches that people should behave according to their proper roles-- father and sun, ruler and subject, master and servant. Classify this sentence as either simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
24.  When we arrived at the campsite, Roger set up the tent and Mom searched for firewood.Classify this sentence as either simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
25.  The air temperature rose to 100 degrees, and tempers rose as well. Classify this sentence as either simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
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