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The Odyssey: Part 1 (books 1-12)

27 Questions  I  By 2Win
The Odyssey: Part 1 (Books 1-12)
Katyhigh preap eng1; helmke, dickens

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1.  Who is responsible for sinking Odysseus' ship for Helios?
2.  Where is Crice's home?
3.  Odysseus goes to the Land of the Dead to see whom?
4.  Calypso decides to let Odysseus go.
5.  How long is Odysseus held on Calypso's island?
6.  Where does Odysseus go after leaving Calypso's island?
7.  These are fierce cannibals (this won't be graded cause of spelling...)
8.  How many men does Odysseus lose to the Cicones?
9.  How many of Odysseus' men does the cyclops eat?
10.  What two things do the men want to take from the Cyclop's cave?
11.  What does Homer compare Scylla's capture of Odysseus' men to?
12.  Who narrates once Odysseus meets King Alcinous?
13.  What plant prevents sailors from returning?
14.  What epithet is used for Muse in the very beginning?________ __ ______
15.  What name does Odysseus give to the cyclops?
16.  What epithet is used for Odysseus in the very beginning? _______ _____ ______
17.  Who does Zeus send to Calypso with a message?
18.  Who is Polyphemus' father?
19.  How long does Odysseus have to stay on Circe's island before allowed to leave?
20.  What epithet is used for Odysseus when he is with King Alcinous?
21.  How long has Odysseus been wandering the seas?
22.  For whom is Odysseus crying and looking out to sea for on Calypso's island?
23.  Who is the King that Odysseus sees once reaching Scheria?
24.  Circe turns Odysseus' men into what animals?
25.  Odysseus rescues hig pig-men with the help of who?
26.  Odysseus' ships do what after Helios asks for payment?
27.  Who is the wind king?
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