Ob/gyn Class- Ligaments Of The Female Pelvis & Pelvic Spaces

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OB/GYN Class- Ligaments Of The Female Pelvis & Pelvic Spaces

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1.  The ovaries attach to the ___________ surface of the broad ligament.
2.  The broad ligament is divided into three regions; the _______________ (fallopian tubes), ______________ (ovaries), and the ______________ refers to everything else
3.  The ____________ ligament suspends the lateral or pelvic pole of the ovary to the lateral pelvic wall.
4.  Another name for the posterior cul-de-sac is the ___________ ______ _____________
5.  The two ligaments that anchor the cervix and provide rigid support for the cervix are the...
6.  The __________ _______ - _____ - ________ lies between the posterior wall of the pelvis and the posterior wall of the uterus.
7.  The ovaries are attached to the pelvic side wall by the ______________ ligament
8.  The broad ligaments attach the uterus to either side of the __________ __________
9.  Round ligaments __________ during pregnancy and may cause _________
10.  The peritoneum's function is ____________ and ____________ the surfaces of organs.
11.  Another name for the suspensory ligament is the _____________ ligament
12.  Round ligaments serve to tether the uterine ___________ and tilt it forward in the pelvis, aiding in the normal anteflexion of the uterus
13.  The ligament that extends from the lateral region of the cervix and along the lateral margin of the uterine corpus is the...
14.  Select all causes of free fluid in the posterior cul-de-sac-
15.  The ___________ ligament extends from the uterine cornua to the medial or uterine pole of the ovary.
16.  The ___________ ____________ space is the region between the symphysis pubis and the urinary bladder.
17.  Folds in the peritoneum create potential spaces for ___________ collections
18.  Another name for the retro pubic space is the...
19.  The broad ligament divides the ________ _________ into anterior and posterior compartments.
20.  The broad ligament is a ___________ suspensory ligament for the uterus.
21.  The ovaries are anchored to the uterus by the ___________ ligament.
22.   The broad ligament may be visualized sonographically if _________ __________ is present
23.  The ____________ are attached to the broad ligament by the mesovarium ligament
24.  The round ligament extends _____________ and _____________ from the uterine wall in or around the area of the _____________ ______________ to the ________________ canal
25.  True or false- The broad ligament is a true ligament and is not a double fold of the peritoneum
26.  The ___________ _________ - _______ - ___________ lies between the anterior surface of the uterus and the bladder.
27.  The short, suspensory ligament which anchors the ovary to the posterior surface of the broad ligament is called the _____________ ligament.
28.  The peritoneum is responsible for the formation of certain ____________ in relationship to the uterus and other organs of the pelvis.
29.  Another name for the Anterior cul-de-sac is the ___________ - ____________ ____________
30.  The ligament that extends from the cervix to the sacrum is the...
31.  Fluid originating anywhere in the peritoneal sac tends to drain into the ____________ _______-______-_________
32.  What is another name for the cardinal ligament?
33.  The broad ligament is a wing-like structure from the lateral ____________ wall to the ___________ wall
34.  The suspensory ligament consists of fibromuscular strands intertwined with __________ vessels and lymphatics.
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