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This test is to prove your level 1 french. You're going to take a quiz with some questions and then you are going to see your score. Hope You Can Pass!!Bonne Chance!!

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1.  Which one of the following is a FORMAL way to greet someone?
2.  What is a great respons saying ( I am doing very good thank you ) to Comment allez vous?
3.  Let's say you are in Paris, France. Somebody asks you for something, and you didn't understand. What would be the best Formal way to tell them that you didn't understand?
4.  What does this mean in English:Quel jour sommes-nous?
5.  What would be the best way to answer:Quel jour sommes-nous?
6.  Pick the missing number:Zero, Un, Deux, Trois, _____, Cinq, Six, Huit, Neuf, Dix.
7.  Let's say you are walking on the beautiful streets in Paris. A Monsieur or Mister walks up to you and says: _______________ what would you say?Il est quelle heure?
8.  How would you say ( I would like a chocolate cake ) in french?
9.  Le garçon _______ grand. Il est ______ père. Elle est ______ mère. Comment allez _____. Comment s'appelle _______ frère?
10.  How would you say:Do you speak spanish? In french
11.  Say I speak english in french.
12.  OK this is the last question. What ever score you get am going still be proud of you. How would you say It is a pleasure to meet you. Good Bye.
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