Chapter Five: The Skeletal System

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This is a test on the Skeletal System.

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1.  Spongy Bone is where you will find _______ _______________.
2.  What is the known as your "breast bone?"
3.  An X rays of the arm of an accident victim reveals a faint line curving around and down the shaft.  What kind of fracture might this indicate?
4.  The storage area for adipose tissue is called ____________________.
5.  What type of movements are typical of these joints found the previous question?
6.  _______________________ is  the hyaline cartilage that covers the ends  of the bone.
7.  What type of movement is the elbow capable of making?
8.  The technical name for the lower jaw bone?
9.  Clarence, who is 38, has been complaining about an agonizing pain in his big toe.  He started go to the doctor, but he realized that he has _________, a disease that produces an accumulation of uric acid in the blood.
10.  A 70 year old woman, Shannon, has been complaining about her old bones aching.  She knows her condition comes from the " wear and tear" arthritis.  What specific type does she has?
11.  What types of joints are the connections between bones in the skull?
12.  How many bones are in the human adult body?
13.  Give an example of the following:1. Long Bone-2. Short Bone-3. Flat Bone-4. irregular bone
14.  Why might it be important for newborns to have "soft spots?"
15.  How many pairs of ribs do you have?
16.  The skeleton is divided into ______ parts.
17.  What parts of the skeleton make up the Axial Skeleton?
18.  What type of joint is found within the hip?
19.  The skull is made up of ___________ bones and the ________ bones
20.  What is known as your "tailbone?"
21.  What is the name of the bone that is shaped like a horseshoe and is broken when a person is choked?
22.  What bones are found in the "bony thorax?"
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