Welcome to your online Train the Trainer training course. For over 20 years our trainers at Total Success Training have taught thousands of our delegates to become more effective by teaching them practical tips and techniques that can be used immediately.
We’ve designed all of our courses to be both practical and easy to follow and have included topics that we feel will help you to learn quickly and easily.
To get the best out of this on-line training course please complete all of the topics but go through each one at the pace you feel comfortable with. You may decide to do it in one go or in stages. It’s all up to you. We have included lots of exercises and quizzes to get you thinking, planning and using the course information in the most practical way.
By the end of this course you will feel both competent and confident in your training skills. It will allow you to:
Create the aims and objectives of your online training course
Understand the importance of key messages
Design successful online training sessions
Structure your training sessions
Add interest to your training to make them both interesting and engaging

You are allowed to complete the course within 30 days of booking. During this time you can take as many attempts as you like. Please note, after 30 days your booking will expire and you will have to repurchase the training course.
This online course or any portion thereof may be copied, reproduced or used in any manner. Permission granted to reproduce for personal, educational or commercial use.How to make your training more Interesting, Engaging and Impactful

Table of Contents


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Principles of training and learning





Whatever your subject, you must be able to write online training so that it satisfies the key learning objectives and is done in a way that allows the trainee to learn effectively.


In this chapter you will learn about the core principles of learning and how to adapt them to online training.

Develop Your Aims

There is a saying: "If you don't know where you're going, you won't get there; but if, by chance, you do get there - you won't know you're there".


It is essential that you determine your training aims and objectives at the onset. Too often, trainers concentrate on “What am I going to say?” Alternatively, you need to concentrate on “Why am I giving this training session?” The rest of your training will be designed to support this answer.


In this chapter you will learn how to identify your training aims and objectives.


Establishing Your Key Messages

Throughout the training the trainer must reiterate and reinforce the key messages if the training aims and objectives are to be achieved.


This chapter will introduce to key messages and teaching points and how to incorporate them into your online course to produce greater retention of key points.

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