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Romeo And Juliet Quotes Quiz

25 Questions  I  By Chelseahaha
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Thus is quiz about quotes from the Shakespeare story Romeo and Juliet.

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1.  "Take now this vile"
2.  How old is juliet
3.  "Swear not by the moon"
4.  Why is romeo exiled?
5.  Who said :Peace, I hate the ward as I hate hell"
6.  "Romeo the love I  bear than can bear no better love"
7.  At first why does romeo not want to fight tybalt?
8.  "So please you step aside"
9.  Who was Shakespeare married to?
10.  Why does lady montegue die at the end of the story?
11.  "Now art thou sociable..."
12.  Who said "I do not bite my thumb at you"
13.  "True I talk to of dreams"
14.  Who kills mercutio?
15.  Why do the Capulets accept the nurse?
16.  WHy did Tybalt challenge Romeo to a battle?
17.  In the prolouge, Romeo and juliet are described as?
18.  "For now in these hot streets"
19.  "Alack the day, he's dead, killed"
20.  "All look to life to life if looking life can move"
21.  "Wisely as slow they stumble and run"
22.  "Ha banishment be merciful, be dead"
23.  "Tis not so deep... you will find me a grave man"
24.  "And to soon mard as those so early made"
25.  "You kiss by the book"
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