The Granger And Populist Movements In America

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The assessment covers the time in American history from the Granger movement in 1867 to the end of Populism by the mid 1890s. The lessons described the plight of the American farmers and their struggle to unite as a national political force.

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1.  1.  What was the primary mission of the Granger Movement?
2.  What impact did the Populist Movement have in America's history?
3.  What four businesses threatened farmers financially?
4.  How did the Populists (farmers) attempt to attract the working class to join their movement?
5.  Why was the Populist Movement important for the American farmer?
6.  He was one of the early leaders of workers who supported the movement to unite with the farmers.
7.  He was an early leaders in the movement to unite the farmers.
8.  During the era, American farmers in the South and Midwest suffered from:
9.  In the South (Georgia), he was one of the leaders of the Populist Movement:
10.  In 1896, __________________ was the presidential candidate for both the Populist and Democratic Party:
11.  In 1892, __________________ was the first presidential candidate for the Populists:
12.  In 1867, ______________________ founded the Granger Movement:
13.  The Grange Movement wanted to use _____________________ to influence politicians to pass legislation to protect farmers.
14.  Grange Halls throughout the United States served as ________________ centers for the farmers.
15.  Populist Party became known as the ________________ Party.
16.  The free _______________ movement was an attempt by farmers to reform the nation's currency.
17.  The Populist platform called for the government to regulate the ____________, ____________, and ___________ companies to make these services more affordable to the public.
18.  The Populists also believed a __________________ income tax would help farmers during the hard times.
19.  The Populists wanted the government to control immigration which led to a series of laws known as the _______________ Exclusion Acts.
20.  The ______ Amendment gave Americans the right to elect their own senators in the US Congress.
21.  An _____________________ ballot is a secret way of electing government officials.
22.  After Plessy v Ferguson, America became a _________________ society where Jim Crow laws denied African-Americans equality in public places and facilities.
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