Section Q: The Semicolon (quiz)

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Add semicolons where necessary in the following sentences. Some sentences may not need a semicolon.

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1.  Look out the front window there are three deer in the front yard.
2.  Jayne won the art contest however, she wasn’t there to receive her prize.
3.  Six canoes started down the rushing river five of them tipped over in the rapids.
4.  The poster contest winners are Jed, 1st place Melissa, 2nd place and Sam, 3rd place.
5.  The annual golf tournament winners are Susan, championship level Krista, intermediate level and Bella, beginner level.
6.  You worked so hard on the going away party therefore, you deserve to have the flowers that were on the head table.
7.  My kite soared higher than ever before the string broke and it disappeared into the clouds.
8.  It was, however, returned to me the next day when someone found my name on it.
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