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Online Classrooms

Redefine employee training through virtual classrooms
LMS Feature - Classroom

Adopt one of the simplest eLearning platforms in the world featuring virtual classrooms, and migrate to online training. Create training courses, track learners’ progress, and obtain insightful reports with ease. Manage all your courses in a centralized location to facilitate ease of access and learning.

  • Facilitate anytime, anywhere learning
  • Add learners, create groups, and assign courses
  • Secure learning platform
  • Automatic tracking and reporting

Endless Collaboration

Provide a Collaborative Learning Environment for All
LMS Feature - Collaboration

Collaborative features in ProProfs LMS encourages participatory learning. Create courses using a learning management system that brings trainees together for a common learning purpose. Develop an engaging learning environment with ProProfs Collaborate. Let learners obtain information and clarify doubts online through knowledge sharing with fellow students and teachers.

  • Encourage co-learning
  • Create discussion forums for resolving doubts
  • Get instant answers to questions

Timely Reporting

Get detailed and actionable reports on training sessions
LMS Feature - Reporting

ProProfs learning management system comes with a built-in reporting tool that monitors training courses and learners’ progress. Assess course completion rates, learners’ engagement level, and extent of knowledge retention. Figure out existing knowledge gaps and update course content accordingly.

  • Track learners’ progress
  • Update course content
  • Identify knowledge gaps

Completion Certifications

Issue certificates on successful completion of training
LMS Feature - Certifications

Validate online training programs and keep trainees motivated by issuing certificates on successful completion of courses. Create certificates from scratch or choose a professionally designed sample from our resource library.

  • Certify learners’ participation
  • Create certificates from scratch or select one from the library
  • Personalize certificates by adding a logo, brand name, and messages

Tin Can-Compliant LMS

Manage eLearning using Tin Can API-compliant LMS
LMS Feature - Tin Can-compliant API

Simplify the way you manage online learning through Tin Can-compliant LMS from ProProfs. Integrate it with other learning tools. Capture course completion and learners’ experience data using a Learning Record Store (LRS). Keep track of courses developed in any eLearning software, and transition from one platform to another with ease.

  • Train across multiple platforms
  • Track courses created with any other LMS
  • Access data through a learning record store

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