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Suggested on Jan 15, 2015

Trainning and Quiz

hello, Im new to this tool, just a simple question, what is the difference between Trainning Maker and Quiz Maker? is trainning consider more like a course? I want to create several quiz and organize them by topic, and then organized them by job description....

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Jan 16, 2015
Thanks for sharing this. Training can be a longer course or presentation you can create and administer to a large or small group of learners. Quizzes on the other hand, are tests or assessments that can be either scored or personality based. If you wish to add a quiz to a course, then that is easy. Please take a look at the article below:
Do let us know if this is of help to you and answers your questions.
ProProfs Team

Suggested by: entrenamiento_quiz
Category: Survey Maker
Status: implemented
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