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Suggested on Mar 12, 2009

Text formatting in Quiz School Widget

This suggestion came via email from Annie. Hello - I am making Hebrew quizzes on Proprofs, and have encountered a small glitch - I'm wondering if you can explain it or help me fix it.When making a quiz, I have to copy/paste specific Hebrew characters, in correct size and font, from my blog page into the Quiz form. The characters will copy/paste in the same format as they are on the blog page, and I cannot adjust the size and font on proprofs quizzes. (I would love it if you had more text formatting available in each question box when making the quiz, but that is not what this is about.) My issue is this: the Hebrew characters look distinctly different whether printed in something like an 'arial' font than when printed in a 'times new roman' font. I don't know why these fonts affect the appearance, but they do. The 'arial' look is much harder to read than the 'times' font - and it is the 'times' font which I am teaching in. I thought that I figured out how to make the quizzes appear in the 'times' font - however, there appears to be a glitch. If the quiz is taken on proprof's site (IE: under the 'full screen' mode) the font that is seen is the 'times' font. If the quiz is taken on my blog site (where I have it embedded) the font that is seen is the 'arial' font. This is the crux of my query. I am at a loss to understand why the font appears different on two different sites (even though the coding should be identical). Thanks in advance for your help! Annie


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Mar 16, 2009
It appears from this entry that you've enabled font formatting in creating quizzes? I just went to 'create a Quiz' and to the usual format I use - scored quizzes, multiple choice. All I can see that is new is a superscript and subscript option. I'm wondering what was implemented?
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Mar 16, 2009
Never mind! I found what was implemented. The font on my embedded quizzes now no longer looks different. :D Perfect! Thanks!

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Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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