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Suggested on Jun 20, 2013

Students Uploading Assignments through their ID's

It will be great if students can upload their assignments in the form of docs, presentations, pictures, videos etc. It can really help in engaging with students in a better way.

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Jun 21, 2013
You can create a web form announcing an assignment and link it to your quiz so that at the end of the quiz, learners can use this form to upload different media such as videos, PPTs, PDFs to their answers.
We have a "File Upload" feature for our Survey Maker, which allows you to do this.
All you need to do is create a quiz and then add the link of this survey/web form (that you have created using Survey Maker) to the quiz, so that learners can click this link and submit their documents, videos etc as their assignments.
You have a very interesting use case and it would really help us develop a feature related to this, if you could share more details as to how you're trying to use this - within a quiz? or outside a quiz?

Suggested by: Edwhiz
Category: Training Maker
Status: implemented
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