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Suggested on Dec 13, 2016

Score correction for French tests

Hello, Our suggestion is regarding the page which shows the score of the person that takes the test. In the English version of the tests, students are shown the "correct answer" or "missed answer" depending on the case. As you can see, both statements are shown in singular "correct answer", "missed answer". However, this is not the case for the French tests. It is indicated "bonnes réponses" which translates "correct answers" which means that there is not one but several possibilities of asnwers. Since our students are given the complete feedback of their tests by seeing their performance, this could confuse them by thinking there is more than one answer, as it would happen if in the English tests it there was "correct answers" instead. We think this is more of a bad translation or a typo issue we would really appreciate you to consider for correction. Best regards.

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Feb 3, 2017
Thanks. We have added this to our roadmap.
Thanks ProProfs

Suggested by: angelioacademia
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: Coming Soon
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